Chapter 218: Fight To The Death

Chapter 218: Fight To The Death

“Su…… Chen……”

The Scarlet Heart's figure slowly rose as he spoke with a bone-chilling hatred.

He floated in midair, his face a bit pale. Despite that, his eyes burned with hatred, and a powerful wave of pressure began to emanate from his body, causing the white paper doll to tremble in fear.

"How did you manage to find me?"

Su Chen motioned, and a black luster flickered across his hand.

"The darkness realm? You possess the ability to control darkness as well?" the Scarlet Heart asked with some shock.

"I prefer to call it Darkness Origin Substance," Su Chen replied.

Traces of Darkness Origin Substance had lingered on the Scarlet Heart's body after he used the darkness power, and they would leave behind a trail no matter where he went. Normally, no person would be able to detect these notes of Origin Substance, but Su Chen could.

As such, he had easily followed the Darkness Origin Substance all the way to its source.

To him, this matter was exceptionally simple.

"So that's how it is. Well, that's fine; I've been wanting to look for you too, but now you're here at my front door," the Scarlet Heart said. "Where are my treasures? You still have them on you, right?"

"That's right," Su Chen nodded. "The Demonic Emperor's Origin Crystal, the Sands of Time, the Thunder Spirit Totem, the River Source Grass, the Desolate...

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