Chapter 217: Tracking

Chapter 217: Tracking

“Is that the power of darkness? What a familiar feeling. This seems to be a darkness domain,” Su Chen began to laugh after recovering from his momentary shock.

So the Scarlet Heart’s darkness-type Origin Skill actually primarily utilized Darkness Origin Substance.

No one understood this kind of energy more than Su Chen.

Even the Scarlet Heart’s understanding of Darkness Origin Substance

“You really aren’t lucky today, are you?” Su Chen chuckled.

The glove on his left hand glowed imperceptibly with a dark luster. As this dark light flickered, Su Chen’s figure disappeared without a trace.

Darkness Concealment.

Su Chen didn’t have any hope that this concealment would allow him to escape the lock-on that the Scarlet Heart had on him, but no other individual would be able to attack him apart from the Scarlet Heart himself. The effectiveness of activating this concealment while his entire being was immersed in a realm of darkness made the effect much greater.

And while he was within this realm, he began to absorb Darkness Origin Substance.

At this point, he had already managed to sense the source of the Darkness Origin Substance - it was coming from the Scarlet Heart himself. Obviously, however, the Scarlet Heart was not the...

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