Chapter 216: Escape (2)

Chapter 216: Escape (2)

A single blade strike!

This single blade strike contained all of Su Chen's techniques, Origin Energy, power, blood essence, consciousness power, and self-confidence.

Even mountains were forced to step aside by the relentless momentum coming from the sword. The entire battlefield was instantly lit up by this single blade strike.

Blood splashed through the sky.

Twenty or so Silver-Crowned Eagles were killed almost instantly by the raging blade Qi, while the remaining ten were badly injured and forced to flee.

His slaughtering of twenty or so high-tier Demonic Beasts with a single blade strike completely stunned Yan Kai and the others.

This was the same as taking out twenty Light Shaking Realm cultivators with a single blade!

Su Chen's figure also swayed noticeably after unleashing this attack. It was obvious that he had expended quite a bit of energy.

He hurriedly pulled out a vial of medicine and drank it before rapidly absorbing Origin Energy from Origin Stones. At the same time, he barked, "What are you all standing around waiting for? Get out of here!"

"Oh!" Yan Kai, who was responsible for controlling the shuttle, seemed to awaken from his stupor. He drove the Raging Sun Shuttle away as fast as he could.

Having saved the Raging Inferno Shuttle, Su Chen was just...

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