Chapter 215: Escape (1)

Chapter 215: Escape (1)

Fresh blood flowed from the imperial carriage, dyeing the entire carriage red.

Ravager corpses were piled high.

Su Chen stood at the very top of the imperial carriage, a satisfied smile on his face. This was a feeling that came from his hunger for vitality being satisfied.

Unfortunately, it was merely his appetite that had been satisfied. His actual strength hadn’t really increased.

But that didn’t really matter. Su Chen believed that everything must have happened for a reason.

Everything had its own reason; it just wasn’t time for the totem to manifest itself yet.

At this moment, he held the Origin Bone Staff in his hands, as if he was the real emperor. Beside him were his seventy-three human soldiers.

This scene was incredibly heroic, majestic, and even saintly that all the Ravagers were totally stunned when they saw this.

They opened their mouths wide, unable to believe what was happening behind them. Their expressions were mixtures of confusion, shock, and even fear. They were in stark contrast with the human soldiers, who stood imposingly like they were in a painting.


A brief flash of light appeared from within the carriage, fixing this scene in place for eternity.

It was the image recording disk that Anubi had installed on his imperial carriage so that he could record this “glorious and majestic moment”.


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