Chapter 214: Battle Between Emperors (2)

Chapter 214: Battle Between Emperors (2)

The Scarlet Heart had immediately opened with a killing blow. Goncourt sighed as he tossed the skull of the Tattooed Rau into the air. The skull expanded on its own as it flew through the air, opening its maw at the oncoming wave of death. The countless Death Withering Snakes entered the skull’s mouth, which contained a separate isolated void. As soon as the two forces collided, a chaotic mix of green and black Origin Energy began to fight against each other.

The Scarlet Heart sighed, “You opposed me previously in life and now in death. I suppose I should allow you to rest.”

A red light shone from the tricolored staff, and a wave of destructive flames surged forth.

The Tattooed Rau controlled wood- and earth-type energy, allowing it to counter the Scarlet Heart’s elements of water and darkness. The Scarlet Heart had then mastered the use of fire in order to defeat it, but before he was able to do so, he had learned that the Tattooed Rau had died at the hands of the Ravagers.

As such, these flames were the kryptonite of the Tattooed Rau.

The Scarlet Heart had unleashed his most powerful fire, the Azure Dragon Flames. These flames did not have any spectacular visual manifestations, and yet they burned with an incredible power. The flames burned so intensely that they melted the nearby mountain rock,...

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