Chapter 212: Shocking Change

Chapter 212: Shocking Changes

The moment he put the Heavenly Truth Songstone away, the blood-colored floating palace’s attacks abruptly intensified in strength. Dust flew everywhere as the range of its attacks increased by yet another hundred feet, aimed straight at Anubi.

At this moment, the Scarlet Heart no longer needed the Heavenly Truth Songstone’s aid to determine where his attacks should be targeted — a group of soldiers was rapidly retreating, and the person leading them was Anubi himself.

The Scarlet Heart naturally understood what it signified given its intelligence. Even though he didn’t understand why his opponents would suddenly reveal themselves at this critical juncture, he was clear that this was the real Anubi. More importantly, Anubi was carrying the aura of one of his old treasures.

It wasn’t the Heavenly Truth Songstone, but rather a treasure that he had kept in his outer storehouse — the Charming Fragrant Mud. Applying just a small amount would greatly stimulate a person’s consciousness energy.

Su Chen had rubbed a bit onto Anubi. With the Heavenly Truth Songstone as the initial signal flare and the Charming Fragrance Mud as a sustained homing beacon, and Anubi’s identity on top of that, it was more than enough for the Scarlet Heart to latch onto Anubi and refuse to let go.

After having taken...

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