Chapter 211: The Final Battle (3)

Chapter 211: The Final Battle (3)

Su Chen constantly wandered the battlefield, feeling out his new discoveries and developing a battle style that only he could effectively use.

Very quickly, however, this extreme amount of processing and calculation depleted his consciousness energy, making him feel like it was impossible for him to continue his new tactics.

“So there is some expenditure involved after all?” Su Chen rubbed his temples. Even with his current level of consciousness energy, he was still unable to maintain it for too long without feeling exhaustion. Obviously, performing so many calculations was extremely taxing on him.

“Making some calculations about the environment actually uses up so much consciousness energy. How much consciousness energy is needed to support Menelaus’s Consciousness Network or the Lord of the Dreamrealm’s Dreamrealm? Ah, right, they didn’t rely on themselves alone, as they also have the assistance of their fellow species members. But the amount of consciousness energy needed to meld an entire race’s consciousness energy into a massive consciousness realm must be exceptionally shocking, I’d imagine,” Su Chen muttered to himself contemplatively.

The higher he went, the more he was in awe of those at the very top, and the more he felt that his...

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