Chapter 210: The Final Battle (2)

Chapter 210: The Final Battle (2)


Following Su Chen’s yell, his regiment of five thousand Iguana Cavalry charged at the Beasts. Su Chen himself was leading at the very front.

The Ravagers fought the Beasts with the simplest tactics, but simple didn’t necessarily mean weak. Actually, this simplicity made the battle far crueler and direct than usual.

Their targets drew closer and closer. As they slowly advanced, Su Chen suddenly gestured, causing a wave of flames to surge forth.

These flames were actually a simplified version of his Erupting Firehawk technique. Ravagers fought with simple tactics, including the way they used Origin Energy. As a result, Su Chen had to quietly alter his Firehawk technique to remove the hawk’s body while leaving the hawk wings in place, eventually forming a flaming cone.

The flaming cones were just as powerful as the Firehawks, but they weren’t as agile and couldn’t attack from afar or chase after their targets. However, those latter two effects weren’t as important in such a large battlefield.

The flames rolled forwards relentlessly, and the few Demonic Beasts who charged forwards were immediately set on fire. They began to howl with rage.

After absorbing fire-type Origin Energy and ascending to the Light Shaking Realm, Su Chen’s familiarity with that type of Origin Energy had...

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