Chapter 209: The Final Battle (1)

Chapter 209: The Final Battle (1)

Speed is imperative in war.

The Ravagers, as expected, sprang into action.

Since they had decided that they were going to fight, then they would not delay in the slightest.

After resting for only a day, the army set out the next morning.

The Ravagers’ military formation was quite representative of their personality. 120,000 of the Inferno Tribe’s soldiers were concentrated in the center, and they were the Inferno Tribe’s main force. The remaining 80,000 soldiers were from a few smaller tribes that had sided with the Inferno Tribe. These groups of soldiers were scattered and unevenly distributed, their formations looking like a dog had haphazardly ripped out a few uneven chunks from the “wings” of the army.

This large formation advanced steadily, with Anubi’s large imperial carriage at the very front. Anubi openly sat on top of this throne, holding the Origin Bone Scepter in his right hand and the Vitality Totem in his left.

Of course, this was not the real Anubi.

He was actually Le Feng.

After a long period of discussion, they had eventually decided to stick with Su Chen’s plan.

That old proverb was still true: all disastrous plans seemed like good ones right until disaster struck.

The same went for Su Chen’s plan. Actually, it didn’t seem that...

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