Chapter 208: Suggestion

Chapter 208: Suggestion

Anubi wasn’t just spouting out empty words.

He really felt like he could surround and capture his opponents in a net all at once — after Su Chen had helped him analyze the Scarlet Heart’s attitude, of course.

As such, once the troops arrived, Anubi made a decision.

“What? Form an encirclement? Your Majesty, there’s no need for this in the slightest! Let me take command of the armies and we can just charge in immediately!”

Within the Ravagers’ main tent, Likarlon was yelling in his unique, raspy voice. This bald-headed Ravager, whose brain was even made of muscle, was Anubi’s most trusted general, and also the Inferno Tribe’s top warrior.

The way he conducted battle was very similar to how he looked — simple, direct, and crude. The reason why he was contradicting Anubi was simply because he felt like the orders were too much of a hassle. In that sense, this kind of reasoning was the easiest for Anubi to accept, because this would also make him seem more wise.

However, the reactions of the other Ravagers made him unhappy.

“The Three Mountain Castle is not a place that can be easily surrounded. It is hemmed in on all sides with complicated, tortuous mountain terrain. The soldiers will have a hard...

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