Chapter 207: Personally Taking Part (2)

Chapter 207: Personally Taking Part (2)

Under Su Chen’s constant, unyielding urges, Anubi had finally decided to personally make an appearance at the front line.

The entire Ravager kingdom gladly welcomed this change.

The Ravagers were a hot-blooded, combat-loving race with an unquenchable thirst for victory and glory. His Majesty’s declaration only caused their blood to boil even more fiercely. At least in the short term, their morale and power had greatly increased. In this regard, Su Chen’s analysis was spot on.

Even Averigus showed his support for this idea when he heard of it.

Averigus was one of the only loyal subjects of the empire who truly lived according to a set of strict principles, and what he hated about Anubi was his lackadaisical attitude.

As such, when Anubi declared that he was going to personally lead an expedition to the forefront of the war, Averigus’s first thought was that it was better that he dared to take such a risk than be too afraid.

This was the difference between a smart Ravager and a smart human.

A human would definitely immediately think of all of the horrible possibilities that might occur if the emperor himself took to the battlefield.

To the Ravagers, however, that was not important. Having an unyielding, zealous fighting spirit was the...

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