Chapter 206: Personally Taking Part (1)

Chapter 206: Personally Taking Part (1)


A strange silence had descended.

After a long time, Averigus broke the silence.

“You have a lot of talent, Lontu, even more than I would have expected. Unfortunately, you’re using your talents in the wrong areas……”

“Are you insinuating that amusing the emperor is wrong, my great general?” Anubi said with squinted eyes.

Averigus calmly replied, “I just think that there are better ways for him to put his intelligence to use, Your Majesty.”

Then, he turned to look at Su Chen. “Are you interested in training my subordinates? I can give you a group of soldiers for you to train. If you do a good job, then I can hand over control of the entire army to you.”

Su Chen replied, “Sir Averigus, I think that you said just one thing wrong. The army is not yours; it is His Majesty’s. You are just commanding them with the authority of a deputy of His Majesty’s.”

Averigus’s expression sank.

Anubi clapped his hands and guffawed, “Well said, Lontu! Indeed, you have not betrayed my expectations.”

Averigus, on the other hand, stared at Su Chen deeply. “You have such monstrous talent, but yet you...

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