Chapter 205: Presenting a Gift (2)

Chapter 205: Presenting a Gift (2)

The Single-Eyed Giant Demon was a rare creature in the Ravager territory. It wasn’t considered a Beast, but it wasn’t a Ravager either. If you absolutely had to classify it, you could consider it as a Gargantuan Soul.

Gargantuan Souls belonged to the Origin Races, not the Intelligent Races.

They inherently possessed large physiques, which was naturally accompanied by an equally large strength and appetite.

In comparison, the Clay Giants were made of elements, making them fundamentally different from Gargantuan Souls. Despite their similarly large bodies, the Clay Giants’ essence was still elemental, making them a part of the Elemental Races.

Apparently, the Primordial Continent had once contained the Beasts, Gargantuan Souls, and Elemental Races during its earliest eras. In the end, however, the Beasts had emerged victorious.

The Gargantuan Souls and the Elemental Races had become weaker because of this, losing the most fertile grounds. In addition, they had a harder time than the Intelligent Races at adapting to new environments. The defeated Origin Races could only walk down the path of extinction.

Today, the Gargantuan Souls still possessed a small territory within Ravager territory, and they...

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