Chapter 204: Presenting a Gift (1)

Chapter 204: Presenting a Gift (1)

Anubi’s birthday had finally arrived.

Without question, this was a special occasion that everyone kept a close eye on. No Ravager knew what kind of crazy spectacles would appear at Anubi’s celebration, but none of them had any expectation that it would be even remotely normal.

This was because, according to past experiences, he would always inevitably come up with all kinds of huge, unexpected surprises.

On Anubi’s previous birthday, the Crazed Monarch had ordered every official in his governmental chamber to hand over their wife. Even though Sachar, who had still been alive at the time, had managed to stop most of the wives from being delivered to Anubi’s bedchambers, there were still a few that slipped through his fingers. This was where the recently deceased Alicia had come from.

The year before that, Anubi had set his own residence on fire. His reasoning was that he wanted to confirm that he was still the emperor and that he had the ability to do whatever he pleased. By the time Sachar had managed to arrive on the scene, most of the house had already burnt down and collapsed. Sachar had flown into a rage and "attacked” the monarch, pinning...

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