Chapter 203: Group Upgrade (2)

Chapter 203: Group Training (2)

“White Lotus…… Four-Leaf Cherry Blossom…… Merbromin……”

Su Chen’s voice was calm and stable as he sat within the room. He was holding a vial of medicine, his hands completely motionless. Le Feng had become his new assistant as he constantly added different kinds of herbal medicines according to Su Chen’s directions.

Very quickly, a vial of medicine was successfully concocted.

Su Chen handed the vial of medicine over to Le Feng.

“One drop per person. You absolutely cannot give them any more. Understand?” Su Chen repeatedly explained, “If you give them too much, the Origin Energy in their body will explode, and they’ll die if they aren’t careful.”

“Yes, sir!” Le Feng sucked in a mouthful of cold air as he stared at the medicine in Su Chen’s hands.

A top-tier Origin Energy Medicine!

A top-tier Origin Energy Medicine was something that only the richest clans could manage to obtain and use.

The Origin Energy contained within was so powerful and rich that lower-tier Origin Energy Scholars basically couldn't use it at all. If they were to gulp it down all at once, the outcome would exactly as Su Chen had described ⁠— their bodies would explode from the energy overload.

Even Light Shaking Realm cultivators couldn't really use top-tier Origin Energy Medicine properly. One had to at least be at the Spirit Burning Realm to do so.

But Su Chen had just managed to refine it here and now,...

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