Chapter 202: Group Upgrade (1)

Chapter 202: Group Training (1)

“Commander, these are all of the resources that the seventy-three of us have.”

General Le stood below Su Chen as he handed over a large handful of resources.

Su Chen stared at it, deep in thought.

General Le thought for a moment, wanting to say something but was seemingly conflicted.

Su Chen said, “If you want to say something, just say it.”

Le Feng cautiously asked, “You…… Are you close to breaking through to the Light Shaking Realm?”

Su Chen nodded.

Le Feng excitedly exclaimed, “No wonder you can fly now. That’s really a good thing!”

“What’s good about it?” Su Chen didn’t raise his head. “In the world of the Ravagers, your combat strength doesn’t matter. The most important skill is effectively concealing yourself.”

“That’s true,” Le Feng agreed as he nodded. “But since that’s the case, then why did Commander reveal your true identity to everyone? You could have just probed one or two people, and then revealed yourself to them instead.”

Su Chen rolled his eyes. “You think I didn’t want to? You guys were the ones who suddenly went crazy, forcing my hand.”

Le Feng said with some embarrassment, “It was our fault. I am willing to accept any punishment.”

Su Chen chuckled. “Forget about it. You were brave and unyielding, searching for any opportunity to counterattack, and you didn’t even hesitate to try to take your...

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