Chapter 201: Acting

Chapter 201: Acting

Within the gladiator residence.

The human gladiators had all been locked up in a single, cramped cell. A rancid smell permeated through the air of the cell.

Su Chen frowned, staring intensely at these human captives.

Their gazes were dull and lifeless, filled with hopelessness.

Su Chen drily asked, “They’re living in this kind of environment?”

Bott, who was following behind him, replied, “These guys are all going to die anyways, and they’re also humans. What point is there in giving them better accommodations?”

Bott’s reply lacked any sort of formality or courtesy.

That wasn’t too surprising.

He was the person responsible for maintaining the arena, so the Terror Lizard’s escape had been entirely his fault.

Even though Su Chen had obtained Anubi’s praises because of the event, Bott had still been punished.

The only reason he hadn’t been arrested on the spot was because Anubi had been in a good mood and had shown him mercy.

Under these circumstances, why would Bott speak politely with Su Chen, who was the one responsible for landing him in such an embarrassing situation?

In that sense, Kenwo’s comment had been correct. Even though Su Chen’s tactics had allowed him to rapidly rise through the...

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