Chapter 200: Saving Lives

Chapter 200: Saving Lives


A vicious laugh shattered the still silence.

Without a doubt, this laughter could have only come from the Crazed Monarch himself.

With his arms in the air, he yelled out, “Yes! Yes! This is exactly what I wanted to see! A climax! A true climax!”

Averigus was stunned.

Anubi continued to yell, “Look! The great, wise Averigus, Defender of the Ravagers, Nightmare of the Astrals, shameless womanizer, is dumbfounded!”

Anubi continued to howl with laughter. “This is exactly what I was hoping to see! This is even more exciting to me than all those nobles dying! I’m going to kill you with love, Lontu! You have put on a grand performance I haven’t seen anything like for decades. I swear on my consciousness that I have never seen something as entertaining as this. See, look at Averigus’s expression! He looks like an idiot who was played thoroughly! Averigus, you never would have dreamed that this day would come, right?”

Averigus’s expression was steely. “I don’t think that this is anything to be delighted about.”

“Of course, not to you,” Anubi chuckled.

The nobility around him also began to chuckle.

One thing that Anubi had said was absolutely correct. Averigus had...

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