Chapter 199: A Natural Favorite (3)

Chapter 199: The Natural Favorite (3)

On the large arena, the rampaging Terror Lizard had begun its wanton slaughter of the remaining Ravager gladiators.

Because of Su Chen’s modifications, not only could its use its tail in a sly manner, but even its strength and natural defenses had greatly increased, as had its intelligence.

The current Terror Lizard’s strength was probably closer to that of a high-tier Demonic Beast’s.

When faced with such a terrifying opponent, the twenty gladiators were basically completely swept aside without any resistance. Their owner felt his heart seize with pain, almost passing out.

Even so, the battle was not over yet.

After killing all of the gladiators, the Terror Lizard began charging madly at the defensive barrier. It seemed like one of the side effects of Su Chen’s modifications was that the reptile had gone berserk, even wanting to challenge the light barrier. Powerful waves of energy pounded the Terror Lizard’s body, causing it to howl madly. However, the intense pain didn’t force it back; instead, it began to attack the light barrier even more ferociously.

The Ravager Nobility very rarely saw anything like this. Their interest was piqued as they all crowded forwards, thinking that this was a scene like a fish trying to vainly break out of its fishbowl.

However, they very quickly realized that something was going horribly wrong.

The Terror Lizard was still furiously attacking the barrier without slowing down at all, while the barrier seemed to...

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