Chapter 198: A Natural Favorite (2)

Chapter 198: The Natural Favorite (2)

Three days quickly passed by.

Su Chen’s test had finally arrived.

This day, Anubi came to the gladiator arena like usual; however, this time Su Chen made an unprecedented appearance next to him.

Anubi waved his hand and said, “Three days have passed. My young, intelligent subject, what amusing show are you going to put on for me?”

Su Chen replied, “Please, Your Majesty. Pay close attention to the gladiator arena.”

Anubi lazily drawled, “Oh, is that so? Then it’s as you expected, Kenwo.”

The Ravager standing beside Anubi chuckled derogatively. “What can these lowly citizens from foreign tribes come up with? All they can do is use some cheap tricks based on what Your Majesty already likes. If my guess isn’t wrong, he probably chose a few rarer-than-usual Demonic Beasts and arranged for them to fight in a more creative format. However, because these lowly citizens haven’t seen many gladiator fights, I believe that it is very likely that the tricks he is about to show us are scenes we grew bored of a long time ago.”

“Hahahaha!” All of the Ravagers nearby began to howl with laughter.

Su Chen knew about this Ravager who was named Kenwo. He was Anubi’s chief imperial officer and handled all the internal affairs of the palace. Although he was in charge of all the servants,...

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