Chapter 197: A Natural Favorite (1)

Chapter 197: The Natural Favorite (1)

A gladiator match began on the afternoon during Su Chen’s second day in the palace.

The arena was filled to the brim with Ravager nobility, all keen on spectating the match.

Anubi stood in the best viewing box, flanked by a host of nobles, officials, and beautiful women.

It was only here that Su Chen realized that even the Ravagers had beauties amongst them.

Anubi had almost an entire platoon of beauties all to himself, and most of them were very attractive. In addition, because the Ravagers lacked social customs, they dressed however they liked, which meant that many of them were wearing quite provocative clothing.

They sat there demurely, callously observing the men below them fighting for their lives.

The match below had already begun.

The first to come forth was a tall, brawny Ravager. All he had was a pair of short pants and a steel pitchfork. His body was covered with Totemic Inscriptions, and the symbol of a stone axe had been imprinted on the back of his hand, indicating that he was a descendant of the nearly extinct Stoneaxe Tribe.

The Ravager’s opponent was a high-tier Vicious Beast, a Knotted-Tail White Lion.

Its long, white tail, which had distinct bulges like that of a bamboo segment was its most...

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