Chapter 193: Taking On Light Shaking

Chapter 193: Taking On Light Shaking

“Didn’t you say that any vasculature destroyed by the Origin Energy Temple’s baptism can still be used for cultivation once they regenerate? Why are you still conducting so much research?”

Danba chatted with Su Chen as they continued with their research.

Su Chen pulled out a mid-tier Origin Crystal and extravagantly used it on a mouse as he replied, “That’s true in theory, but it’s not actually that simple. You know that the reason why Ravagers can’t cultivate Origin Energy isn’t because you can’t sense Origin Energy but rather because your bodies automatically convert Origin Energy into lifeforce, which in turn strengthens your physiques. The method I invented operates on the theory that suppressing this innate conversion ability of yours will allow your body to store Origin Energy without converting it in any way. Like this, it can then begin to gradually accumulate in your bodies.”

Danba didn’t understand. “So what does that mean, then?”

“This method actually has a price — your physical strength will decrease. However, this decrease is very much worth it for you and the Ravagers. If we quantify an unbaptized Ravager’s potential strength with a hundred hypothetical units of strength, then by sacrificing twenty or...

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