Chapter 192: Rooster

Chapter 192: Rooster

Within the room, a small Origin Crystal was spinning in the air, emitting Origin Energy everywhere. This Origin Energy was being gathered and channeled through Origin Formation inscriptions before finally entering the body of a large rooster.

The rooster clucked, obviously in pain. If it weren’t for the fact that Su Chen was constantly using Recovery Medicines to keep it alive, it would have died long ago. Even so, as the unceasing stream of Origin Energy invaded the rooster’s body, it groaned and crooned in tremendous agony.

Because he had no Origin Energy Extractor, Su Chen could only use the Origin Crystal as a substitute.

A mid-tier Origin Crystal was being used on a common rooster. If word got out, surely everyone would have clicked their tongues at the waste.

Su Chen, however, didn’t care.

Research always burned money, after all.

Once he had expended all of the energy within the Origin Crystal, it disintegrated into a fine powder. Su Chen released his grip and stared at the rooster, saying, “This should be good enough.”

“Just like that?” Danba stared suspiciously at the rooster.

Su Chen had basically just simulated one of the Origin Energy Temple’s baptisms....

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