Chapter 190: Infiltration

Chapter 190: Infiltration

Su Chen wrapped his finger in a white cloth and wiped it across the surface of the metal, gathering a faint blot of dust on the surface of the white cloth. Su Chen stared at the cloth, which had already been stained a number of times, then tossed it aside and put on another one as he continued to wipe the surface of the metal.

The Origin Energy Temple had such extremely high requirements for cleanliness that the normally crude and lazy Ravagers who only bathed themselves once every few months actually maintained a strict daily cleaning schedule for the Origin Energy Temple. Every time they cleaned, they needed to wear clean white cloths which would be thrown away as soon as they grew dirty. They could never be reused.

They did this not only because of the shrine’s important, but more so because of the practical enhancements it provided.

The Origin Energy Temple’s baptism process required an extremely clean environment because it revolved around forcibly compressing Origin Energy via the Origin Energy Extractor and a number of extremely complex Origin Formations into the target’s body. The target would experience a cleansing, allowing them to use Origin Energy afterwards.

During this process, any contaminant that managed to sneak in would affect the purity of the Origin Energy, and...

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