Chapter 189: Part-Time Worker

Chapter 189: Part-Time Worker

The Origin Energy Temple was located on the west side of Gullan Castle. It was directly opposite Eketala Palace, and right next to the Saintly Light Divine Shrine.

More specifically, it was actually incorporated into the construction of the Saintly Light Divine Shrine.

The Saintly Light Divine Shrine was the Iron and Blood Country’s main Divine Shrine. Its construction was separated into three main segments: the Sun Temple, the Halidom Pavilion, and the Origin Energy Temple.

The Sun Temple’s primary purpose was as a sacred area to offer sacrifices to the Ancestors; its interior was split into the Altar, the Pilgrimage Stage, and the Instruction Stage. Next, the Halidom Pavilion stored various precious treasures and also served as a site for specialization training. The Wild Origin Bone and Guardian Totems were both kept here. In addition, Bone Diviners, Soulless, Guardians, and all other specialized Ravager professions were trained and produced here. Finally, the Origin Energy Temple was obviously used for Origin Energy baptisms, which was also the only way the Ravagers could gain the ability to manipulate Origin Energy.

Even though it was only one of three components, the Origin Energy Temple was without question the most important part of the entire Divine Shrine.

The temple itself was more than two hundred feet tall, and its sight was spectacular and majestic. The...

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