Chapter 181: Seed

Chapter 181: Seedling

“So Su Chen has returned?”

Within the Heavenly Might Battalion’s tent, Shi Kaihuang frowned as he gazed at the report in his hands. “Researching a way to help the Ravagers control Origin Energy? What is he thinking?”

“In his words, probably ‘just a simple exchange,’” Li Chongshan chuckled. “This disciple of yours can really come up with crazy ideas.”

“What a nonsensical idea!” Shi Kaihuang cursed. “Giving the Ravagers the ability to control Origin Energy and increasing the strength of our enemies? What kind of idea is that?”

“Don’t tell me that you can’t see through his intentions,” Li Chongshan said. “From a broader perspective, the five races are facing off against the Beasts together. In that sense, increasing the strength of the Ravagers is indeed beneficial for us. From a smaller perspective, he is fighting to obtain even more opportunities for the Heavenly Might Battalion.”

“Then what about from the middle perspective?”

“It’s a detriment to Long Sang Country!” Li Chongshan immediately replied.

Regardless of if you considered it from the standpoint of the mutual conflict against the Beasts or from the Heavenly Might Battalion’s current viewpoint, making such an exchange with the Ravagers was appropriate as it could bring about great benefits.

But since the threat from the beasts had yet to manifest apocalyptically and the five races were still fighting each other, the pressure on Long Sang Country would increase, as they needed to fend off the Ravagers on their own.

In other words, the entire human race and the Heavenly Might Battalion might...

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