Chapter 180: Silverheart Valley

Chapter 180: Silverheart Valley

The Silver Moon Shuttle circled around a few times in midair before landing.

Buller, the Ravager soldier, jumped out of the shuttle. He glanced around and found that he was currently in a mountainous area, sandwiched between two peaks.

“The Heavenly Might Battalion is not here,” he said.

“Were you hoping that I would bring a Ravager individual to the Heavenly Might Battalion so that he could observe our every action and then inform his leader of all our plans when he returned?” Su Chen said as he stepped out of the shuttle. Behind him were the white paper doll, Night Demon, and Shi Mingfeng.

They were currently in a valley in the northern regions of the Ravagers’ territory. After leaving the Beast Race’s territory, Su Chen hadn’t immediately gone to look for the Heavenly Might Battalion. Instead, he had directly...

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