Chapter 179: Mutiny

Chapter 179: Mutiny

The Beast Wave had actually gotten larger!

News of this rapidly spread through the land as quickly as the Beast Wave had grown in size.

Because they weren’t prepared, the Ravager soldiers defending the front lines didn’t expect the Beasts to explode with such fury. They didn’t even have time to set up their most basic defenses, and as such were routed mercilessly by the Beasts.

Large numbers of soldiers died in battle, and the front lines were pushed back thousands of kilometers.

The Demonic Beasts attacked rabidly, advancing everywhere and killing everything they could sink their claws into, threatening to drench the Ravagers’s territory in a wave of blood.

By the time the Beast Wave had started its second offense, Danba had already returned to the Gravel Lizard Tribe’s main camp.

Danba was silent for a long time as he gazed at the snowflakes drifting...

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