Chapter 178: Expansion

Chapter 178: Expansion

Within Talah Castle.

As a city of commerce, Talah Castle was naturally extremely rich in resources. The large-scale of production of Silverstar Flowers made the city an extremely rare resource production area in the Ravagers’ territory. The large amounts of Silverstar Flowers produced here would be exported all over the world, even to the human race’s territory, Spirit Race’s territory, etc. In exchange, they would receive back all kinds of specialized resources produced in the other territories.

The relationship between the various races was both of conflict and commerce.

Even though it was an important nonmilitary city and didn’t have many defenses to speak of, it was surrounded by powerful military garrisons and sturdy forts. These included the Inferno Tribe’s Unshakable Steel City, the Silver Wolf Tribe’s Radiance-Seizing City, and...

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