Chapter 177: Renegotiation

Chapter 177: Renegotiation

The Silver Moon Shuttle casually flew through the air like a bird, headed in the direction of the Ravager’s borders.

After stealing the Demonic Emperor’s treasures, Su Chen had fully completed his task in the Beast Race’s territory, so it was no surprise that he was now planning on returning.

The Silver Moon Shuttle quickly flitted through the air without any further incidents.

There were Demonic Beasts faster than the Silver Moon Shuttle, but there weren’t many who had been left behind as guards.

The sky was clear, with not a cloud in sight.

As the Silver Moon Shuttle rapidly flew through the air, grassy plains rolled by beneath, and the window revealed the pleasant scenery all around them.

As they weren’t being chased, Su Chen didn’t fly too quickly or too slowly. They traveled at a leisurely pace, peacefully drinking in the scenery that went by.

As they flew by, they suddenly saw a large group of soldiers...

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