Chapter 176: Pursuit

Chapter 176: Pursuit

A Demonic Lord had died just like that. Everyone who saw it take place was completely stunned.

“You...... killed it?” Even Night Demon, no matter how dumb she was, knew what killing a Demonic Lord implied.

“It brought about its own destruction,” Su Chen said indifferently. He wasn’t planning on taking full credit for this.


Another enraged howl further away thundered through the sky.

It was that old pangolin.

From this position, it was possible to see a streak of yellow light shoot out of the Demonic Emperor’s palace, headed right towards Su Chen and the others.

“It’s discovered us!” Shi Mingfeng was stunned.

Unfortunately, the teleportation portal’s endpoint was still too close to the Demonic Emperor’s palace.

Of course, he knew why. The closer the teleportation nodes were, the easier it would be to break through the Demonic Emperor’s palace’s spatial loc...

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