Chapter 175: Spatial Fissure Kill

Chapter 175: Death by Spatial Fissure

Su Chen’s blade began to glow as specks of starlight appeared on its surface.

This was how Origin Energy manifested itself when it had been concentrated to its greatest extent. The twinkling flashes burst forth with astounding power, causing rays of starlight to shine out blindingly.

The starlight converged into a stream aimed at towards He Xu's forehead. He Xu's pupils dilated with extreme fear.

"Don't!" Shi Mingfeng yelled out.

He only had time to cry out once before a head was sent flying through the air.

A single blade strike!

Su Chen had managed to behead He Xu with a single blade strike.

However, Shi Mingfeng wasn't surprised at all, because that blade strike possessed power far beyond what an ordinary Yang Opening Realm cultivator should have been capable of unleashing. It had already reached the power level of a Light Shaking Realm cultivator.

It was quite normal for He...

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