Chapter 174: Forgetting Loyalty for Profits

Chapter 174: Forgetting Loyalty for Profits

The Scarlet Heart wasn’t a Demonic Emperor well-versed in Origin Formations. Actually, the entire Beast Race wasn’t very well-versed in formations at all. As beasts, the Demonic Beasts might have intelligence, but their creativity was far inferior to that of the human race, and even to the other Intelligent Races.

And Origin Formations were an expression of creativity.

This was why, even though there were Origin Formations beneath the treasures, even someone like Su Chen who wasn’t particularly well-versed in Origin Formations was able to easily neutralize them.

After casually taking away all of the treasures in the inner section, Su Chen returned to the outer storehouse.

Everyone was still excitedly picking up treasures.

Even though the treasures in the outer storehouse weren’t as valuable, there were many more of them. There were seven Demonic King level Origin Crystals, and they were all in pristine condition.

“Blood Rain’s Heart, Bristle Demon’s Tooth, Deep Sea Prison Robe, Plunder Fog...... Heavens, there’s so many good things here! I’m about to go crazy!” Even though Su Chen had warned them about raising their voices multiple times, He Xu still couldn’t repress his excitement as he yelled.

Tens of thousands of people would be willing to fight over just one of the items he had listed off,...

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