Chapter 173: Six Treasures

Chapter 173: Six Treasures

Su Chen’s group left the palace in a hurry and headed straight to the nearby forest. It wasn’t until the palace was out of vision that they let out a collective sigh of relief.

He Xu plopped himself onto the ground. “That scared me half to death. Su Chen, let’s just all agree to not let Night Demon participate next time when we go on an infiltration mission, okay? She’s not suited for this line of work.”

Su Chen was reminded of what had just occurred and nodded. “You’re right, she’s not suited for it.”

Night Demon pouted, “Sorry, I just got too excited there for a moment.”

Shi Mingfeng wiped off the sweat on his forehead. “A moment? You mean the whole time!”

Su Chen chuckled. “Forget about it, at least nothing bad came of it. We’ll just pay a little more attention in the future.”

His main sentiment here was naturally not that Night Demon should pay more attention but rather that he wouldn’t let Night Demon participate in these kinds of missions in the future.

Shi Mingfeng’s rush of adrenaline hadn’t dissipated quite yet. He angrily continued, remarking, “You’re feeling quite generous today, huh?”

Su Chen said, “Fine. I’ll make it up to you by giving you a few more items from the Scarlet Heart’s treasury. Will that work for you?”

Shi Mingfeng’s ears immediately perked up. “You offered, not me!”

Su Chen nodded. “Everyone gets three items from the outer treasury, and you get six. What do...

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