Chapter 172: Inviting Disaster (2)

Chapter 172: Inviting Disaster (2)

Su Chen entered the Demonic Emperor’s Palace and followed the old pangolin as they walked around. After taking a tortuous path, they finally arrived at a large hall.

There was a massive rhinoceros lying in front of the door to the hall. It was in deep sleep, its state belying its strength of a Demonic Lord Beast.

The old pangolin bowed to the rhinoceros. “Armored Enterprise requests entrance.”

The rhinoceros opened its eyes and glanced at the old pangolin. “Oh, so it’s old commander! Is there something you need?”

“His Majesty has sent a ton of treasures here from the front lines,” the old commander replied.

“Oh, ok. Go on ahead then!” As it spoke, it took a few steps to the side.

The doors creaked open, revealing a long black hallway.

“Follow my footsteps. Don’t take a single wrong step,” the old commander said to Su Chen.

“Yes, sir.”

The old commander walked down the long hall.

Su Chen carefully...

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