Chapter 171: Inviting Disaster (1)

Chapter 171: Inviting Disaster (1)

After walking past the grassy plains, their group finally arrived at the palace.

Two mid-tier Demonic Beasts were standing guard at the entrance.

Shi Mingfeng could feel his scalp tingling when he saw that just the doormen were mid-tier Demonic beasts.

Even so, once the bow was drawn, the arrow had to be released. At this point, Shi Mingfeng could only quietly follow behind Su Chen.

Su Chen ignored all formalities and directly addressed the guard without a greeting, saying, “I am here on the orders of His Majesty to deliver some spoils of war.”

As he spoke, he opened his Origin Ring, and all kinds of resources came tumbling out.

These resources were what the Heavenly Might Battalion had obtained from the Ferocious Race. Su Chen had brought them a ton of rations, and the Heavenly Might Battalion had responded by exchanging them for a ton of resources. The exchange that the Immortal Temple had wanted to make was fully accomplished by just Su Chen alone.

Now, however, he was pulling out...

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