Chapter 170: Scarlet Emperor Palace

Chapter 170: Scarlet Emperor Palace

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

Five figures fell from the sky, crashing roughly onto a patch of grass.

“Aiya!” Night Demon yelled as she pushed Su Chen, who had fallen on her, off of her body. “Why was the exit in midair?”

She glanced up. The exit gate, which was floating in midair roughly thirty feet above them, was gradually fading out of existence. To Origin Qi Scholars, this kind of a height wasn’t anything crazy. However, traveling through the void was disorientating and it would throw a person’s ability to use Origin Energy out of whack. As a result, the five of them had experienced quite a hard fall.

Su Chen in particular had landed right on top of Night Demon, pressing her firmly beneath him.

Su Chen was more than able to get up immediately, but he wasn’t in much of a hurry given the pleasant softness beneath him. Now that the possibility of a harem had opened its doors,...

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