Chapter 168: Negotiations (1)

Chapter 168: Negotiations (1)

The two fated opponents had finally clashed again, causing sparks to fly as soon as their heated gazes met each other.

After facing off for a bit, Danba suddenly laughed. “Long time no see, Su Chen. After the incident at the Goldwater Ruins, I have been thinking of you all this time. You have become much stronger and harder to deal with.”

Su Chen smiled slightly. “I feel the same way, and often think of you as well. You are the smartest Ferocious Race soldier I have ever met; the Ferocious Race sure is lucky to have you.”

The two of them didn’t seem to be raring to go at each other; instead, they both started praising the other side.

Two extremely talented people praising each other was a normal way of putting on a facade. It allowed them to mask their pride behind a veil of humility.

However, after running through...

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