Chapter 167: Flowerless Door (2)

Chapter 167: Flowerless Door (2)

The Flowerless Door led to a sinister, evil place, and it represented the mysterious unknown.

No one knew why there was a Flowerless Door beneath the swamp, but as soon as the door opened, all of the evil creatures inside would be released.

This vortex spun, and the dark entrance expanded. A chilly, sinister aura began to creep out from the center of the vortex.

This dark energy was filled with a deathly aura. It wrapped around a few of the Ferocious Race soldiers in the front, and these powerful, resilient warriors shrieked as they were pulled in by the black vortex.

This frightening energy didn’t have any intentions of slowing down its expansion. As it continued to spread in all directions; anything it touched was sucked into the vortex. At this moment, the reason why Shi Mingfeng was standing on a faraway tree became...

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