Chapter 166: Flowerless Door (1)

Chapter 166: Flowerless Door (1)

Setting up and executing a successful sneak attack on someone required a lot of skill.

Most people had their own sensory techniques to suss out any hidden threats ahead of time.

In return, this sparked a type of arms race between those sensory techniques and the various kinds of concealment and avoidance techniques.

As a result of this race, there were many different ways of ambushing someone as well as ways to detect an ambush ahead of time. For instance, He Xu’s disguise technique was very impressive, but Sark’s Eagle Eye had been able to see right through him.

There really was no such thing as an invincible technique; there were only techniques that were extremely fitting for the situation. This was the case both for commoners and for Origin Qi Scholars.

Shi Mingfeng...

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