Chapter 165: Uhayan Pool

Chapter 165: Uhayan Pool

Bayan, who was wearing the Ferocious Dragon Iron Armor, paced back and forth restlessly.

“Dammit, they’ve been gone for too long now. Why haven’t we heard back from them yet?”

“Impatience is the biggest barrier to success.” Bayan’s assistant, a warrior named Kaska that had high-tier Totemic Inscriptions, cautioned him. “Please be patient and wait. Astin will let us know soon enough.”

“I hate waiting!” Bayan howled with dissatisfaction.

Even Kaska sighed. Bayan was just too impulsive and reckless. He was indeed extremely powerful, but his temperament made it impossible for him to become the new chieftain. Case in point - Danba had used his impulsive tendency to defeat him early on in their conflict.

Hopefully, this mission wouldn’t also be ruined by his impulsiveness...

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