Chapter 164: Toyed To Death

Chapter 164: Toyed To Death

“Willpower doesn’t matter! All that matters is your strength!”

“If just gritting your teeth is enough to ensure victory, then what’s the point of being strong?”

“Focus your attention and then unleash it! The Arcana Race is invincible!”

Astin felt like he was hearing his past voice speak to his current self.

How interesting. Before this, he had only believed in strength and not in the explosive power of potential, but now he was beginning to unleash his hidden potential.

It was exceptionally difficult for Arcana Masters to unleash their potential.

But if successful, the results would be extremely frightening.

Astin gathered all of his power, emanating a threatening aura. Even Su Chen could sense the immense threat gathering before his eyes.

Astin was about to use another Sixth-Ring Arcana Technique.

Astin was a Fifth-Ring Arcana Master. Under normal circumstances, he would only be able to use Fifth-Ring Arcana Techniques....

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