Chapter 163: Duel (2)

Chapter 163: Duel (2)


Astin cried out in pain.

Wounds and lacerations covered his torso, stretching from his shoulders to his midsection.

He had actually been wounded!

A Yang Opening Relam brat had actually managed to wound him, an Arcana Master!

Astin was incredibly angry.

“You bastard!” He howled fiercely as he stared intensely at Su Chen, a strange light flickering through his eyes.

Pupil’s Gaze!

This was an innate Arcana Technique that only the Arcana Race could use. When he gazed at an opponent with this technique active, he could see through their defenses and tailor all his attacks to hit those weak points.

As Astin stared at him, Su Chen instinctively felt a sense of extreme danger wash over him.

He knew that the situation wasn’t good. He drew the heaven-sundering blade back into a defensive stance, and all of the buzzing lightning withdrew and channeled...

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