Chapter 162: Duel (1)

Chapter 162: Duel (1)

After he made his declaration, Su Chen’s aura underwent a drastic change.

His tone had been one of tranquility and indifference befitting his youth, but an immense pressure suddenly began explosively emanating from his body.

A thick wave of killing intent burst out of him in a wild, unrestrained manner.

Then a massive human-like image appeared behind him. It was still the Primordial Blood Incarnation, but this time it had grown to nearly two hundred feet. Its massive body stood erect like a tall mountain, and the Mountain-Beheading Blade seemed to have transformed into a Heaven-Sundering Blade. Flames engulfed the edge of the blade, mixing into the intensely crackling lightning.

When he saw this, Astin’s gaze narrowed sharply.

What technique was this?

Why could this youth who was only in the Yang Opening Realm suddenly give off such an intense pressure towards him?

It didn’t...

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