Chapter 161: Swamp

Chapter 161: Swamp

In the swamps to the south of the Black Forest.

Shi Mingfeng stood close by, intensely staring at the marshy swampland as if there were something on his mind.

Meanwhile, Astin paced back and forth impatiently.

“The agreed upon time has already passed. Why hasn’t this guy shown himself yet?”

“You’re in too much of a hurry, Astin,” Shi Mingfeng said calmly. “Actually, I feel like what Su Chen said was totally logical. Our time is limited, and opportunities to infiltrate deep into the Beast Race’s territory are too few and far between. But instead of maximizing our efficiency and looting this place, we are wasting our time carrying out this transaction. That’s such a backwards way of doing things.”

“Perhaps. I’m just a bit curious about this young man who’s put the entire Ferocious Race on edge. What you say may be right, and I might have been a bit too hasty, but the deal’s already been made and...

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