Chapter 160: Contact

Chapter 160: Contact

A small treehouse had popped up on a tree in Blue Swamp Forest.

At this moment, Su Chen was sitting inside the treehouse, concocting a new medicine — he was planning on using it to specifically deal with the Black Wind Lord.

Even though he wasn’t afraid of the Black Wind Lord, that didn’t mean that he would wait around without making any preparations for him.

Strategically looking down on the opponent yet tactically taking them seriously was the attitude every experienced warrior needed to have, even if they didn’t consciously realize it.

Just as he was in the middle of refining, however, the Origin Formation Disk he had on him suddenly began to heat up.

Su Chen pulled it out. It was actually the transmission Origin Formation Disk that Shi Mingfeng had given him.

It was them?

How did they get in contact with him?

And here? Had they come to the Beast Race’s territory?

Su Chen was extremely shocked.

He placed the Origin Formation Disk on the table and activated it. A streak of light shone forth from the disk, revealing Night Demon’s shocked and excited appearance. Behind her stood Shi Kaihuang and the others.

“Thank the Heavens! We’ve finally found you,” Night Demon yelled happily.

They were really quite exhausted from chasing after Su Chen all this time. Even though he was only traversing through the border region, this ‘small’ region was quite large, and so they were quite lucky to have run into him.

“Night Demon? Shi Mingfeng? How in...

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