Chapter 159: Engulfed

Chapter 159: Engulfed

A rare scene was taking place in the sky.

The powerful, vicious Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider was skittering away at top speed, while a Raging Sun Shuttle leisurely chased after it at the same pace.

From time to time, large flaming phoenixes would shoot out from the body of the shuttle and slam into the spider from behind.

As a high-tier Demonic Beast, the Young Beauty Bloodshed Spider’s strength was not something that could be easily brushed aside. However, it was currently restricted by the Blue Ice Star’s potent toxicity, and as such, the spider could only passively take the attacks flung at it without retaliating. In the end, Su Chen sent Flaming Phoenix after Flaming Phoenix into the spider’s back, scorching it into an unrecognizable burnt mass.

“Still not dead?” Su Chen mumbled to himself.

It truly was worthy of being a high-tier Demonic Beast...

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