Chapter 158: Blue Ice Star

Chapter 158: Blue Ice Star

The blue smoke casually drifted towards the silver wave. Initially, it seemed as if it had no effect.

The instant the spider walked into the smoke, however, its expression immediately changed as it hissed sharply in pain. Its eight legs skittered to a stop as it tried to retreat. At the same time, the silver threads it had shot out seemed to crack slightly as they began to tear apart like silk threads.

It could be easily seen now that the blue smoke corroded its surroundings wherever it went; all the silver light it touched immediately turned faint, as if it were beginning to dissolve, like snow melting away.

This poison was actually able to even corrode energy itself.

If it could corrode energy, then that meant that barriers made from Origin Energy would be completely ineffective. This was part of the reason why this poison was so frightening; if you came into contact with it, there was no way...

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