Chapter 157: Refining Medicine

Chapter 157: Refining Medicine

“Dammit! I refuse to believe that there’s nothing I can do to you.”

Su Chen was currently holed up in an unknown cave somewhere, mixing various reagents together.

In front of him was a small cauldron. His left hand was below the cauldron, emanating a steady fiery blue glow as his right hand methodically stirred the ingredients in the cauldron.

Most alchemists mastered and used their own Origin Energy flames as opposed to normal flames, as Origin Energy flames allowed them to control the size and temperature of the flames. At the same time, however, this also required alchemists to have a cultivation base high enough to match their high energy expenditure, which meant that most Origin Qi Scholars couldn’t use such a heating method.

Su Chen’s use of flames when refining medicines was exceptionally skilled, and he was only a...

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