Chapter 156: Plundering Relentlessly

Chapter 156: Plundering Relentlessly

Su Chen’s words badly scared the white paper doll. The ball of air began to emanate waves of energy, not to attack Su Chen but rather as an instinctive reaction when it felt a strong sense of fear.

It seemed like this lifeform had a powerful desire to live.

It loudly yelled, “Don’t kill me! You’re a human, so you need a guide! I can provide you with all kinds of information!”

“Now you’re talking.” Su Chen raised his eyebrows. “So what do you know?”

The white paper doll continued to yell, “I’ve lived here for eight hundred years. I’m very familiar with everything that goes on here. I can tell you anything that you could ever want to know.”

The light glowing from Su Chen’s blade faded a bit. “Just as you stated, I’m a human, and I’m trying to find all kinds of different rare resources.........

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